Rhonda M Johnson, PhD
Professor of Public Health
University of Alaska Anchorage

Dr. Rhonda M Johnson is Professor of Public Health and former Chair of the Department of Health Sciences (2005-2015) at University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). She is actively involved in the statewide graduate program in public health and has been a nationally certified primary care provider for over 20 years. As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (1981-3, Thailand), former in-country Peace Corps Trainer, and literacy volunteer for ESL students in both NY and AZ, she appreciates the importance of better understanding health disparities and anticipating and addressing possible cross cultural misunderstandings. She has been actively involved in health literacy projects in Alaska for the past eight years, including selection as one of just ten national hosts for visiting professors of health literacy in 2007; serving as principal investigator on several locally funded pilot projects related to health literacy and cancer communication, and as co-convener of The Anchorage Health Literacy Collaborative (TAHLC) that has pioneered several projects using Peer Language Navigators (PLNs). She has also served as Project Director and Research and Education Training Coordinator of the NIH-funded Center for Addressing Health Disparities through Research and Education (CAHDRE) at UAA.